Hard Shell Ballistic Helmets- Made with Innovation and Quality

Our brave soldiers always live on the edge, fighting wars, against enemies and terror.  They constantly conquer their inner fears to discharge their duties because nothing is more important to them than their commitment to their nation.

Hard Shell consistently treads beyond the edge, to seek innovation, to harness the potential of the latest technology so that it can develop solutions which deliver the most advanced equipment and protection to these soldiers to enable them to perform their missions fearlessly, effectively and precisely.

We are one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of ballistic helmets. Our sheer capacities & capabilities of manufacturing helmets would probably make Hard Shell stand out as one of the largest manufacturers in the ballistic industry.

Our core expertise in working with various ballistic materials and in-house design strength enables us to offer high-performance helmets which are ergonometric ally designed to provide maximum comfort and protection to the wearer. Our helmets are durable, reliable, and tough and reflect state-of-art technology.


Hard Shell helmets are regularly tested under stringent conditions for better and more accurate performances at some of the most renowned laboratory. Our helmets are lightweight and employ the latest processes and material advances. They provide optimal protection, comfort, and insulation for all situations and weather conditions.  They adequately exceed fitting, suspension and ventilation factors as specified by armies worldwide and are capable of offering protection.

Our helmet shells are constructed using superior Aramid composites which are layered and bonded with impregnated resin for exceptional ballistic and fragmentation protection. Also, they are equipped with a very comfortable harness system with high shock absorption properties. The nylon webbing inside is waterproof and provides for better grip & ventilation to the wearer.  The harness system is easy to replace and can be opened easily.

Hard Shell helmets provide the best head protection without compromising on its comfort and snug fit characteristics.

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