Military Body Armour Vests

In today’s era and what the today statistics says there is rapid increase in the frequency of physical and violent attacks on civilians and organizations not particularly in one country but in the whole nation. Not even a single day goes in this 21st Century go by without us witnessing, facing or hearing of some distressing and violent act or on social media or in news channels. Both shooting and stabbing attacks incidents reached an alarming stage . So, the use of explosive devices in killing the victim is increasing day by day that’s why its apparent that action needs to be taken to help combat or every individual.

Hard Shell the world’s most vertically integrated company has developed a range of body armour specifically for defence against physical and violent attack. Our latest innovative range of ballistic solutions are easy to wear and lightweight they offer protection from ballistic, stab , spike attack , grenade blast fragment etc.


Military body armor manufactured by Hard Shell have undergone series of qualification and certification tests to meet specific body armour standards of police and military users worldwide. The standard and the most essential feature we have in our military body armour vest is the material are unaffected by humidity and wet conditions. With other soft armour materials it is necessary to keep moisture out with the use of waterproof covers that may and indeed to become accidentally perforated. The Armour material of Hard Shell has life of five years and as such the armour is warranted for a minimum of five years. The covers are normally manufactured from very hard wearing materials and are warranted for two years.

Hard Shell  military body armor are available in a range of sizes , male and female, in overt and covert styles in various protection levels . Styles and designs are simplified to  eradicate manufacturing cost and offer the same body armour solutions to the market at the lowest possible cost.

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