Bulletproof Tactical Vest- Hard Shell

Our Tactical Vest is designed primarily for special force units who have to carry a large amount of equipment and ammunition. The tactical vest has fastening possibilities for pouches on the back and on shoulders and can be still used when carrying a large backpack.


Our Tactical Vest also gives the higher possibility for the user, as it can be the tailor-made solution and give the perfect combination of weight, comfort, and strength. The vest may be set up with pockets for ballistic plates and can be upgraded with a ballistic collar, throat, arm and groin protection. Our tactical vest is wholesale for tactical use and is ideal for ballistic upgrading. The tactical vest is also supplied with MOLE and there is enough room or space for attaching more pouches as the mission demands.

All the covers and pouches are removable for cleaning and washing. Covers and pouches can be provided that are manufactured from water resistant or flame retardant material.

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